Aquadip - Active Start 250ml

Aquadip - Active Start 250ml

 Aquadip Active start promotes rapid growth of microorganisms which will speed up the biological settling in time of your aquarium and filter. It improves and stabilises the water quality and creates the perfect balance to introduce (New) fish after a water change or filter change.


  • Dosage instructions

     Shake the bottle for 30 seconds before using

     Add weekly 10ml per 50litres. Ideally this will be dosed next to the filter inlet so that the bacteria culture will start to settle in your filter.

     Aquadip Active start will make the water cloudy. This indicates that the product is activated. This is not harmful to your fish and within a couple of hours you will start to notice improvement and the water will be crystal clear. In case the cloudiness lasts longer, it means that the biological balance is disturbedand your aquarium needs more time to settle.

    Safe for Fish, Shrimps and crustaceans. 

    Suitable for Freshwater and Marine aquariums! 

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