Aquadip - Fosfo  250ml

Aquadip - Fosfo 250ml

 Aquadip Fosfo is one of the three essential NPK macronutrients for aquatic plants. Left over fish food and fish excrement normally take care of phosphate values in the tank. AQUADIP Fosfo is ideal for heavily planted aquariums with a high light intensity and with none to a few fish. 


  • Dosage instructions

    Add 10ml per 500lites to increase phosphate by 0.1mg/L.

    It is recommended to check the phosphate values before and after dosing. Recommended phosphate value in aquariums with a high light intensity and C02 fertiliser is between 0.2-1.0mg/L

    Often combined with Aquadip Nitro and Aquadip potassium.

    Safe for Fish, shrimp and crustaceans.

    Suitable for Freshwater aquariums! 

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