Aquadip - Liquid Carbon  250ml

Aquadip - Liquid Carbon 250ml

 Aquadip Liquid carbon is a powerful readily available carbon source and is a great alternative C02 gas injection system. Carbon is essential for plant growth. insufficient carbon will result in poor plant growth and assimilation. Because of the deficinecy the plant will become weak and will turn yellow. 
 Plants will not be able to compete against algae and this results in plants being covered in algae. Dosing Aquadip Liquid carbon will boost your aquatic plants. They will start to grow and become stronger and colours will be more intense. They will be able to compete against algae making your tank look great.  Combine this product with Aquadip Plant food+ and you will have got all the essentials for a healthy planted tank. Results are visable within a few weeks.


  • Dosage instructions

    Normal planted tank: Add daily 2ml per 100litre 
    Double dosage for a heavily planted tank.
    CAUTION: Do not overdose and keep out of reach of children. 

     Safe for Fish, Shrimps and crustaceans.

    Suitable for Freshwater aquariums! 

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