Aquadip - Liquid Catappa  250ml

Aquadip - Liquid Catappa 250ml

 Aquadip Liquid catappa is the liquid form of well known catappa leaves. Catappa leaves discolour the water but Aquadip liquid catappa will keep the water clear. It has numerous active ingredients and it creates the perfect environment for fish and shrimps. 
 It lowers the pH and KH values easily and quickly for fish from tropical softwater area, strengthens and protects the mucus membranes and gills of the fish, improves colour, reduces stress and promotes spawning behaviour and is effective against fungal infections. 


  • Dosage instructions

    Shake well before use.

    Add 8ml per 100litre. Do not overdose 

     Safe for Fish, Shrimps and crustaceans.

    Suitable for Freshwater aquariums! 

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