Aquadip - Liquid Filter Medium  250ml

Aquadip - Liquid Filter Medium 250ml

 Aquadip Liquid filter medium is an all round water conditioning product. It makes your aquarium water crystal clear, removed copper, zinc, aluminium and other heavy metals, stimulates fish health and reduces and prevents stress, removes smells from the aquarium and it promotes breeding in a biological way because of natural ingredients and microorganisms. Food and waste residues are turned into a natural plant fertiliser. 


  • Dosage instructions

    Shake 30 seconds before use.

    Add weekly 20ml per 100litres 

    For new set up aquariums add 20ml per 100litres daily for a maximum of 4 days. Aquadip Liquid filter medium will make the water cloudy after dosing. This indicates that the product is activated. This is not harmful to your fish and within a couple of hours you will start to notice improvement and the water will be crystal clear. 

     Safe for Fish, Shrimps and crustaceans.

    Suitable for Freshwater and marine aquariums! 

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