Golden Ram, (Microgeophagus ramerizi)

Golden Ram, (Microgeophagus ramerizi)

Name - Golden Ram, (Microgeophagus ramerizi)

Size - 3cm 

Size when adult - 5cm

Difficulty - Intermediate

Water requirements - pH between 5.0 - 7.5, soft to medium hard water. Prefers a high temperature 27c+ these are ideal companions for Discus setups. 

Notes -  Microgeophagus ramerizi are found in Columbia and Venezuela, they are not rainforest species and can be found in pools and slow moving rivers in the grasslands (Los Llanos), these places recieve little shelter from the baking sun and therefore have higher temperatures than are found in traditional South American 'Amazon' biotopes. 

 They are easy to keep and breed and our fish are bred here in the UK and are extremely strong and beautiful fish. Because of this they are in high demand and stock is limited. We cannot breed enough of these beautiful fish!! 

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