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Custom glass aquariums

Premier Aquatics

 Ste has been building fishtanks for almost 20 years, from very basic designs for fishroom use through to large Aquariums that have been supplied to Zoos and Public aquariums, we have the knowledge and experience to design and build all kinds of projects. 
The tank building was never a part of the Premier Aquatics business plan! but after building our own aquariums for the shop we shared a few pictures and videos on social media and the orders came flooding in. 

We have now expanded our operations and have our own separate 750sq/m room specifically for building aquariums of all shapes and sizes. We aim for a high standard of build and work with the best materials possible. 

We can work with you to provide bespoke glass Aquariums of any size or design.​


  • Beautiful polished glass 4mm to 15mm                           

  • Low iron 'Optiwhite' glass is available                              

  • Strong aquarium safe silicone in clear, Black or Gray.     

  • Vinyl backgrounds can be added in a variety of colours  

  • Holes drilled, weirs built you name it, we can build it.      

  • Sumps designed and built                                                

  • High quality PVC pipework supplied and fitted.                

  • Tank repairs! crack base? reseal? new bracing?              

  • From a 2 litre tank to a 2000 litre tank we can quote you!

 You dream it, we can build it! Call Ste on 07725516558 to discuss your requirements or message us. 

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Glass cutting tool
Man cutting glass
Glass fishtanks, glass Aquariums

Check out some of our previous jobs in the slideshow below. 

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