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Premier aquatics - About us!

 You can purchase plants from us online or instore.


Our retail shop is available to visit and we look forward to seeing you at Premier Aquatics, we are based in Cheshire, UK.

Premier Aquatics ltd,

Heath business park,

Runcorn, Cheshire,



After many years of being a serious fish breeder and working in the public aquarium industry, I finally plucked up the courage to register my first business and build our Premier aquatics shop in September 2019.

  I opened in a tiny room with only 60 aquariums of tropical fish and not a lot else! In the beginning you could not even purchase a pot of fish food from us! We did well for the first few months and then Covid hit! we were not eligible for any financial help but luckily i was given a lifeline of being an essential business (Pet shop) i started doing online deliveries and we thrived, we were eventually allowed to have visiting customers once again and the shop was very busy!


We quickly outgrew this business location and luckily a much larger 2200sq/ft retail space was available on the same site as we chose for the first shop, we moved into our current shop in the summer of 2021 and have now been in this location for 2 years! 

We have grown as a business and currently have 300 aquariums housing tropical and coldwater fish from around the world, we handle a large number of high quality aquarium plants imported from the Netherlands and also have a superb range of dry goods for your aquarium.

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