Although we are a walk in shop and not setup to be an online business we can and do send many parcels out to our customers. 

We use APC for livestock or larger orders and Royal mail for smaller dry goods orders. 

If you live further afield and would like to take advantage of our excellent stock of healthy fish, plants and our great range of dry goods please enquire and we can advise of stock and availability. 


 Premier aquatics are dedicated to providing the best postal service possible for your tropical fish delivery, we have a vast experience of sending live fish to customers all over the UK with very few losses. We are following the guidelines set out by OATA and aim to send healthy, strong fish quickly and easily. 

 Our fish are sent via APC courier, we have a business account and work closely with the courier to dispatch orders safely and professionally,  APC know that they are transporting live fish and have procedures in place to make this a smooth and safe process, our aquatic store has been inspected by the council and APC and has passed inspections with flying colours!

  From our fishroom to your doorstep,  your fish order is in safe hands every step of the way.