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Live bloodworm and how to handle it.

At Premier Aquatics we stock and sell live bloodworm on paper, one of the most common questions is 'How do i look after it' so i have taken ten minutes from my day to share a few details on how we supply this live fish food and how best to look after it.

Live fresh bloodworm.

As you may know, bloodworm is a aquatic larvae of a tiny midge that is found around waterways, the larvae live in the sediments of the river, lake or pond until they hatch. There is no danger of them hatching in your care so they are a safe and nutritious food for your fish. Bloodworm has been a popular fishfood since the 50's and it is available to purchase in many forms! frozen and live bagged bloodworm are the two most popular ways of purchase. However we at Premier Aquatics handle over 50 kilos of live bloodworm per year! and consider the live bloodworm on paper to be tremendous value.

Frozen bloodworm is very convenient to use and store but can potentially be defrosted and refrozen during its time in the supply chain, this creates issues with the food and although usable it is never as fresh as bloodworm on paper.

Live bloodworm supplied in a 100ml bag of water is very fresh and a great food for your tank, for a smaller collection of fish this is a great way to feed your fish a treat of livefood cheaply and easily. However if you have larger fish or a large collection of fish this method of feeding can quickly become expensive and not very cost effective. This is where the fresh bloodworm on paper comes into its own, we import several kg per week and it arrives in a 1kg mass on damp paper, we then weigh out portions of this food to our customers. To keep this at its best you need to refrigerate and keep it cool, this preserves the bloodworm and keeps it fresh. You can either keep it on the paper supplied, keep it damp and covered and it can last for upto two weeks! OR the best way i have found to look after it and keep it fresher for longer is to simply fill a 1lt jug with tapwater (Chlorine does not seem to do the bloodworm any harm!) they release the bloodworm into the water. They do come mixed with a very fine silt and this will initially cloud the water, i pour this away and keep refilling until it runs clear. The bloodworm can last for anything upto 8 weeks using this method, simply do a waterchange on the jug on a regular basis and feed the bloodworm out to your fish using a turkey baster or large pipette. And thats it, no need for a huge article, keeping live bloodworm fresh is very simple, easy and cost effective. Give it a go, im sure your fish will love it ;)

1kg of live bloodworm!! this will feed a LOT of fish!!

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