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Our new 'Updated' Website!

Good evening world, starting my business in late 2019 i had the full intention to be a online business, i subscribed to the WIX website builder and started to construct a site that would allow me to sell fish and plants online. I built a very basic ecommerce site and opened Premier Aquatics in January 2020 with the full intention of selling online. Things do not always go to plan and in the end we had far more visiting customers to the Premier Aquatics site and the fishroom quickly developed into a walk in shop, whilst my time was spent dealing with customers in the shop i had very little time to work on the online side of things and eventually i took down the ecommerce side of the site and just had a landing page to share our business information with the world.

In July 2021 we moved into a much larger 2200sq/ft purpose built shop with over 150 aquariums and a much larger dry goods selection, it was always my intention to eventually start a online shop but time constraints of owning a large shop constantly worked against me.

Fast forward to 2022 and i had been plotting to take Premier Aquatics ltd online for a few months, this month (July 2022) i finally sat down on the WIX website builder and started work on our first online shop, i have made the decision to start the shop solely selling live aquarium plants, although eventually i will aim to have our full range available to our customers. Our Aquarium plants are imported from the best suppliers in Europe and we are very proud to stock a large range of potted and leaded plants plus lots of specials such as plants on bogwoods, floating plants and a range of collections. As the importer we have never found an issue with the quality of this stock in the 2.5 years that we have been bringing them in. I am 110% confident in the quality of plants that we are now offering to our customers via the online shop.

Plans going forward...

We are already very active on social media and our Facebook and Instagram pages are popular with lots of loyal and active customers ( we do regular live unboxing videos of our plant (And Fish) deliveries and i hope to tie in the website with our social media channels to promote our products to a wider audience and finally start supplying hobbyists across the UK rather than just the North West of England. We are going to be sending a email newsletter weekly and this will contain offers, Discount codes and useful tips, advise or updates. Join hundreds of others and subscribe to our mailing list to take advantage of weekly discount codes.

Look our for more regular blog posts from Premier Aquatics as we continue to build our website into something that we can be proud of and you can use easily and take advantage of shopping with one of the quickest growing aquatic businesses in the UK.

All the best, Ste, Jamie and Daniel @ Premier Aquatics.

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