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Species - Aponogeton madagascariensis

Common name - Madagascan lace plant

Position in aquarium - Background/Midground

Size - 20"

Difficulty - Medium/Difficult

Light requirements - medium to high

Notes -  A stunning and arcitectural feature plant for your aquarium, it has multiple tiny holes on the leaves and a quick google search will provide hundreds of pictures of this spectacular plant! (Our pictures are of young plants and not fully developed!) 

 Supplied as a sprouting bulb, this plant is a medium difficulty and will require a very nutritious substrate and will grow fastest with high intensity lighting and CO2 injection.  They require cooler temperatures than most 'tropical' plants and are happiest at around 22c. 

 Overall this plant is not for beginners but is one of the most iconic underwater plants due to its amazing leaf structure! Every fishkeeper should have a go at growing this plant at least once in their life!! 



Madagascan Lace plant - Aponogeton madagascariensis

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