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Species - Nymphaea stellata

Common name - Tropical dwarf water lily

Position in aquarium - Background/Midground

Size - 20"

Difficulty - Easy

Light requirements - medium to high

Notes - A brilliant starter plant that is easy to grow and great to look at, they will form a bush of underwater arrow shaped leaves and will eventually throw up long stems that will reach the surface of your tank and the floating leaves will provide shelter and interest to your fish! 

 Very easy to grow, you will receive a bare bulb with a few leaves, do not bury the bulb but rest it on the substrate and only cover the bottom third, once it starts to root it will anchor itself to the substrate, burying the bulb may cause it to rot and die. 

 A nutritious substrate will be of benefit but not essential, this tropical lily will grow in most situations. 


Nymphaea stellata - Dwarf water lily

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